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Examples of Customized Programs



Group Retreat




Whether you’re dealing with a health challenge, life transition, or experiencing stress or burnout, I’m here to support you with my years of dedication to mindfulness training. My goal is to support you to become confident in your mindfulness skills to meet whatever life sends your way. My multifaceted offerings are designed to meet you right where you are. After a complimentary consultation call, we can decide together what will bring meaningful change to your life.

The offerings below can be presented separately or combined when your tailored program is created
Mindful Compassion Skills
Compassion Training

There is an increasing amount of research showing the beneficial effects of compassion-based well-being practices for our physical, emotional and relational health.

Compassion practices help to foster emotional resilience, and evokes a greater sense of happiness, life satisfaction, motivation, while improving relationships. 


My compassion skills class combines contemporary psychology and scientific research on compassion with sound techniques of personal growth and professional development that have been tested and honed over years.


Compassion training has demonstrated beneficial effects on self-care, increased compassion and empathy, and greater capability for kindness and generosity. Studies have also shown that it alleviates symptoms of burnout.


Learn how to train your mind, body, and heart to foster greater positive feelings towards yourself and others. 

Introduction to Mindfulness
Mindfulness Training

Decades of neuroscience studies have proven the power of mindfulness to relieve stress and bring balance to our busy lives. We all know how easy it is to live on autopilot. Mindfulness assists us in our ability to meet any situation wisely, to be fully present, and develop a greater capacity to recover from challenges.


Mindfulness is both healing and liberating. Learning to meet our complex world and our own changing mental states with mindful loving awareness and courage allows us to find spacious, clear and healthy responses to life, rather than be caught in habitual reactions and struggle.


My mindfulness training classes are simple, straightforward and cover a wide spectrum of mindfulness practices to help you ease tension and create calm in your life no matter what hardships life presents.


The MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course is an evidence-based, intensive exploration of the practice of mindfulness, and what it means to practice mindfulness in your daily life. 


The MBSR is a scientifically researched 8-week course for reducing stress while building resilience, balance, and peace of mind. MBRS offers a powerful, integrative approach for tapping into and accessing innate inner resources for healing and well-being. It is considered one of the most reliable ways to learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to form new skills for living well and enjoying life, regardless of its inevitable ups and downs. 

​I teach the MBSR in an experiential and immersive format to deepen the practice of mindfulness into your everyday experience. It is an evidence-based course designed to help you relieve stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Take charge of your life and learn how to respond to your own stress and pain in order to live and love more fully.

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